Menlove Ave.

‘I had no idea about doing music as a way of life until rock and roll hit me and then when rock and roll hit me that changed my whole life.’

– John Lennon, 1980

John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon and Phil Spector

Track Listing

  1. 4:50
  2. 4:22
  3. 3:43
  4. 3:48
  5. 4:38

  6. 4:11
  7. 4:19
  8. 3:54
  9. 4:30
  10. 4:04

‘As a child, John was brought up by Aunt Mimi and Uncle George in their home on Menlove Avenue in Liverpool. In 1956 when John was 16, Elvis Presley happened as a world-wide phenomenon. It changed John’s life. John’s American rock roots, Elvis, Fats Domino, and Phil Spector are evident in these tracks. But what I hear in John’s voice are the other roots of the boy who grew up in Liverpool, listening to Greensleeves, BBC Radio and Tessie O’Shea.’

– Yoko Ono Lennon


Recorded: August 1973; July-August 1974
Released UK: 5 Nov 1986
Released USA: 27 Oct 1986

Sleeve notes

Recorded at Record Plant, N.Y. and A&M Studios, L.A.:
Here We Go Again (J. Lennon/P.Spector)
Angel Baby (R. Hamlin)
Since My Baby Left Me (A. Cudrup)
To Know Her Is To Love Her (P. Spector)
Produced by Phil Spector (Arranged by John Lennon)
Rock And Roll People (J.Lennon)
Produced and Arranged by John Lennon
Engineers: Roy Cicala, Lee Keifer, Shelly Yakus
Assistant Engineer: Jim Iovine

Recorded Live at Record Plant, N.Y.:
Steel And Glass (J. Lennon)
Scared (J. Lennon)
Old Dirt Road (J. Lennon/H. Nilsson)
Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down And Out) (J. Lennon)
Bless You (J. Lennon)
Produced and Arranged by John Lennon
Engineers: Ed Sprigg, Dave Thoener

Mixed by Rob Stevens for OneStone Productions except ‘Angel Baby’, mixed by Roy Cicala

Assembled by Yoko Ono
Mastered at Sterling Sound, N.Y.
Mastering Engineer: George Marino

First released: 27 October 1986


Versions Available

1986 – Original Stereo version: LP, CD, Cassette