‘I dedicate this album to all future guitarists. John always played from his heart. I hope you will learn to do the same. Love, yoko’

John Lennon
Produced by Yoko Ono

Track Listing

  1. 4:00
  2. 2:32
  3. 1:17
  4. 2:50
  5. 2:41
  6. 1:16
  7. 3:29
  8. 3:41
  9. 3:22
  10. 0:42
  11. 2:26
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  15. 3:11
  16. 1:08
John Lennon, 'This Is Not Here' Exhibition, Everson Museum, Sycaruse, USA, 1971 Photo by Iain MacMillan ©1971 Yoko Ono

‘With the acoustic songs, first he would play them to me, then he would say, ‘Yoko, let’s record this. And he would set up the microphone in such a way that his voice and his guitar sound was very balanced. At first I wanted to collect some acoustic stuff on guitar and piano, but the piano tracks were not in good enough condition to put out. When he was banging the piano, he would put the microphone on top of the piano, so that you’d hear the piano much more than his voice. The balance was not good at all, so I could not rescue those songs. But with the guitar, he did a beautiful job of balancing the sound.’

– Yoko Ono


Recorded: 1970-1980
Released UK: 1 Nov 2004
Released USA: 1 Nov 2004

Sleeve notes

Produced by Yoko Ono

John Lennon: vocals, guitar
Yoko Ono: vocals on ‘The Luck Of The Irish’

Chief Engineer: Rob Stevens
Assistant Engineer: Jason Inloes
Digital Engineer: Paul Goodrich
Mastering Engineer: George Marino at Sterling Sound
Studio: Quad Recording

‘Love,’ ‘What You Got,’ ‘Watching The Wheels,’ ‘Dear Yoko,’ ‘Real Love,’ ‘Imagine*,’ ‘It’s Real’
*Recorded live at the Apollo 1971
Words & Music by John Lennon
© EMI Blackwood Music Inc. o/b/o Lenono Music (BMI)

‘The Luck Of The Irish*,’ ‘Woman Is The Nigger Of The World’
*Recorded live in Ann Arbor 1971
Words & Music by John Lennon and Yoko Ono
© Lenono Music and Ono Music (BMI)
EMI Blackwood Music Inc. o/b/o Ono Music (BMI)

‘Working Class Hero,’ ‘Well Well Well,’ ‘Look At Me,’ ‘God,’ ‘My Mummy’s Dead,’ ‘Cold Turkey,’ ‘John Sinclair*’
*Recorded live in Ann Arbor 1971
Words and Music by John Lennon
© Sony/ATV Songs LLC (BMI)

First released: 1 November 2004

Versions Available

2004 – Original Stereo version: CD