Power To The People

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
Produced by John & Yoko, and Phil Spector

Track Listing

  1. 2:23

‘Power To The People’ is John’s fourth solo single, written after conversations with Tariq Ali and Robin Blackburn, activists and writers for the communist magazine Red Mole.

It was released on 12th March 1971 with the B-Side ‘Open Your Box’ by Yoko Ono.

“Well, that came from a talk with Tariq Ali, who was sort of a “revolutionary” in England and edited a magazine called Red Mole. So I felt I ought to write a song about what he was saying. That’s why it didn’t really come off. I was not thinking clearly about it. It was written in the state of being asleep and wanting to be loved by Tariq Ali and his ilk, you see. I have to admit to that so I won’t call it hypocrisy. I wouldn’t write that today.”

– John Lennon, 1980

Sleeve notes

Power To The People
John Lennon: vocals, electric guitar, piano
Klaus Voormann: bass guitar
Billy Preston: piano, keyboards
Bobby Keys: saxophone
Jim Gordon: drums
Rosetta Hightower and others: backing vocals
Written by John Lennon
Produced by John & Yoko, and Phil Spector

Open Your Box
Yoko Ono: vocals
John Lennon: guitar
Klaus Voormann: bass
Jim Gordon: drums
Written by Yoko Ono
Produced by John & Yoko