Give Peace A Chance

Plastic Ono Band
Produced by John & Yoko

Track Listing

  1. 4:53

  2. 4:03

‘Give Peace A Chance’ was recorded on June 1st and 2nd in room 1742 of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada during John & Yoko’s second Bed-In for Peace. The B-Side, ‘Remember Love’ is a song written by Yoko and recorded in the same room.

Released on July 4th 1969 it is John’s first single recorded without the involvement of any other Beatles, it reached No. 2 in the UK singles charts.

‘It wasn’t like “You have to have peace!” Just give it a chance. We ain’t giving any gospel here – just saying how about this version for a change? We think we have the right to have a say in the future. And we think the future is made in your mind.’

– John Lennon, 1980

Sleeve notes

Give Peace A Chance
John Lennon: vocals, guitar
Yoko Ono: vocals
Tommy Smothers: guitar
Others: Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Petula Clark, Rosemary Woodruff, Derek Taylor, Murray the K, Dick Gregory, Abraham Feinberg & more: vocals
Canadian chapter of Radha Krishna Temple: vocals, drums, finger cymbals
Produced by John & Yoko

Remember Love
Yoko Ono: vocals
John Lennon: guitar
Produced by John & Yoko