Win a Deluxe CD+BluRay+Book Box Set and a 4LP Box Set by finding a John Lennon lyric on Spotify Canvases

Hidden in the Spotify Canvas of each track on GIMME SOME TRUTH is a letter. Put the letters together to make a well known John Lennon lyric.

Phone screenshots of the Spotify Canvas for the song 'Instant Karma!'. The blue dots indicate where to tap.


Listen to the album on Spotify here.

Tap on the track name to see the Spotify Canvas for each track.

Tap on the screen to see the full Canvas without text. Find the hidden letter that flashes onscreen – in this case, the letter U.

Rearrange all 36 letters to make a well-known John Lennon lyric, eg ‘Imagine all the people living life in peace’.

Email the solution to [email protected]

Winner announced next week.