The Howard Smith Tapes Box Set



Nominated for 2014 GRAMMY Award: Special or Limited Edition Box Set Package The lost interviews of Howard Smith, 1969-1972. As a Village Voice journalist and radio personality, Smith was a central figure in the counterculture of New York City. In this capacity, he recorded scores of long-form conversations with rock stars and cultural icons of the time. Never intended to be heard unedited, the interviews are authentic and personal conversations with the most influential cultural voices of the time. The original audio reels then sat untouched in the back of Smith’s loft for 40 years. Hundred of audio reels have now been digitized and restored, and are available for the first time. The box set is designed to invoke the experience of digging through the actual crates of reels. Beautiful, entirely original artwork was created in homage to the color palette, style and printing technology from that time. The booklet is filled with photos, letters and reproduced ephemera which was found among the reels. A timeline is included to give framework highlighting how closely album’s releases and historical events were in relation to each other during this artistically unmatched time in our cultural history. The written copy, intended to give the listener a unique sense of being there themselves, was dictated by Howard Smith from his hospital bed.