John Lennon In His Own Words (BBC)



John Lennon was a world famous and influential singer/songwriter and former member of the Beatles. Here he discusses his life and achievements in a series of interviews from the BBC radio and TV archive: Tonight, broadcast on BBC TV, 18 June 1965 (featuring Kenneth Allsop); The World of Books, broadcast on BBC Radio, 3 July 1965 (featuring Wilfred De’Ath); The Beatles in New York, broadcast on BBC Radio, 30 August 1965 (featuring Brian Mathew); Release, broadcast on BBC TV, 22 June 1968 (featuring Peter Lewis, Victor Spinetti); BBC Radio archive interview, dated 30 March 1969 (featuring Bob Parrin); BBC Radio archive interview, dated 1 January 1970 (featuring David Wigg, Yoko Ono); The Lennon Tapes, broadcast on BBC Radio, 18 & 21 January 1981 (featuring Andy Peebles, Yoko Ono).