Skywriting By Word Of Mouth

‘This is my story both humble and true
Take it to pieces and mend it with glue’

– John Lennon, 1969

John Lennon

‘The first time I read John’s writing was at a book shop in London. I’d gone there to see if they’d stocked my book Grapefruit, and I sighed in relief when I found it. Then I noticed John’s book. We were on the same shelf, close to each other: John was under L, I was under O. I flipped through the pages and read ‘I Sat Belonely’. Next I noticed a drawing of an ugly woman whose naked body was covered with flies. God, that was like my film idea!

We’d met briefly at the Indica Gallery; what I remembered most about John from that encounter was that he moved his nose extremely well when I told him to breathe – as part of my artwork. But the book showed me John’s soul, a witty, funny, and relentlessly romantic spirit with a taste for the grotesque as well. I never thought for a moment that this was the man I was to share tears and laughter with for many years to come.’

— Yoko Ono, February 1986